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The Brems came to Austin Creative Inc in hopes of creating a very simple yet visually impactful website that would showcase both of their independent work as architect and artist.  As artists, the aesthetic of the site was very important to them, which meant careful theme selection and much discussion about goals and needs.  Some theme customization was required in order to meet design goals and improve some of the theme functionality.  The end result was a simple, modern portfolio design that allows for easy updates and addition/removal of images.

Austin Creative did a fabulous job selecting a theme that we could customize to accommodate our very specific visions for the layout of an elegant, streamlined, yet beautiful site.  We continually get compliments and know that the site has brought us a lot of interesting work.

– Alison Brems, Architect

Project Tasks

• Site Design & Planning
• Theme Customization
• WordPress Training
• Maintenance Plan

A Brems Website Screenshot


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